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Previous MeetingApril 07, 2015 06:00 PM
Regular Meeting of the PUHSD Board of Trustees
PUHSD District Office BOARD ROOM | 530-886-4405
13000 New Airport Road | Auburn, CA 95603
Closed Session: Upon Adjournment of Regular Business | General Session: 6:00 p.m.


Preliminary Information
Regular Meeting of the PUHSD Board of Trustees "The PUHSD is committed to student learning through teaching excellence in a supportive environment."
(D) Discussion Item
(V) Can Vote
(C) Consent Item
Unfold 1.  CALL TO ORDER   
1. Conduct Roll Call      (D)  
2. Welcome and Pledge of Allegiance     
Unfold 2.  ORGANIZATION   
1. Approval of the Agenda      (V)  
  The Agenda shall be approved by one motion and followed with a second. Any changes to the Agenda shall be noted at this time.
Unfold 3.  PUBLIC COMMENT   
1. Public Comments to the Board (Please Complete Voluntary Public Participation Form)      (D)  
  This is the time for members of the public to address the Board regarding items not on the Agenda and it is also the time for the Board to organize public comments for items on the Agenda.

Completing a blue, "Public Participation" form is preferred but not mandatory. This form can be obtained from the Board/Superintendent's Executive Assistant at the meeting.

Individuals who wish to comment on items on the Agenda, shall be provided an opportunity to comment after the staff report and before the Board's consideration of that item. In the interest of conducting the public meeting in a timely manner, individual speakers will be allowed three (3) minutes to address the Board with no more than twenty minutes per topic. This is comment period only. The law (California Education Code Section 35145.5) does not allow the Board of Trustees to take action on any item not explicitly posted on the Agenda in advance.

The Board values public comments and wishes to convey that although Board members cannot discuss items that are not on the agenda, they listen carefully and appreciate and value input from the public.
1. Superintendent's Showcase: Foresthill High School      (D)  
2. Superintendent's Report      (D)  
  Dr. George Sziraki, Superintendent, will deliver a report on education, community and business-related activities and events relevant to the PUHSD, state and federal levels.
1. Approval of the Consent Agenda      (D)  (V)  (C)  
  All Matters listed under the Consent Agenda are considered routine and all will be enacted by one and followed with a second. There will be no separate discussion of these items unless the Board of Trustees, audience, or staff requests specific items to be removed from the Consent Agenda for separate action. Any items removed will be considered after the motion to approve the Consent Agenda.
2. Approval of Minutes from the Special Board of Trustees Meeting Between the PUHSD and RJUHSD on March 23, 2015      (V)  (C)  
3. Approval of Minutes from the Regular Meeting of the PUHSD Board of Trustees on March 24, 2015      (V)  (C)  
4. Approval of Warrants      (V)  (C)  
  Pursuant to Education Code Section 42630 et al, the District has issued warrants for payments of goods and services from approved purchase orders and contracts.
5. Acceptance of Donations to Placer High School      (V)  (C)  
6. Acceptance of Donations to Foresthill High School      (V)  (C)  
7. Acceptance of Donations in Support of the Del Oro Aquatic Center      (V)  (C)  
8. AR 5141.21: Administering Medication and Monitoring Health Conditions      (V)  (C)  
  Mandatory AR to reflect NEW LAW, SB 1266, to add/include definitions of epinephrine auto-injector and anaphylaxis and also requires school districts to provide emergency epinephrine auto-injector(s) to each school site, requires annual notice to staff requesting volunteers, and deletes requirements for a district plan. Pursuant to 5 CCR 606, district staff is authorized to establish rules for the delivery and storage of medication on a school site.
9. AR 5141.3(a): Health Examinations/NEW to the PUHSD Policy Manual      (V)  (C)  
10. BP 0420.1: School-Based Program Coordination (Deletion)      (V)  (C)  
11. AR/E 4112.5/4212.5/4312.5 - Criminal Record Check and Exhibit (E) 4112.5(a)/4212.5/4312: Criminal Record Check (New to the PUHSD Policy Manual)      (V)  (C)  
12. PUHSD Contracts, Agreements & Memorandums of Understanding, Report #14:14-15      (V)  (C)  
  Over the course of the year, the District requires the services of consultants who provide a variety of services to the district under professional services agreements.
Unfold 6.  ACTION ITEMS   
1. CERTIFICATED Personnel Order Number 17:14-15      (D)  (V)  
  Changes to certificated employee status.
2. CLASSIFIED Personnel Order Number 17:14-15      (D)  (V)  
  Changes to classified employee status.
3. Adoption of Textbook, "Biology in Focus AP Edition" Course - AP Biology      (D)  (V)  
  Districtwide textbook adoption of "Biology in Focus AP Edition" for AP Biology Students.
4. Adoption of Textbook, "Chemistry & Chemical Reactivity AP Edition" (Course: AP Chemistry)      (D)  (V)  
  Districtwide textbook adoption for AP Chemistry.
5. Approval of Board Resolution No. 12:14-15, The COLLEGE & CAREER PATHWAYS ACT-ASSEMBLY BILL 288 "Concurrent Enrollment"         (D)  (V)  
Unfold 7.  STAFF REPORTS   
1. No Staff Reports Will be Conducted/Next Month: Dual Enrollment; District Solar Progress; Del Oro Aquatic Center     
1. Board Reports, Announcements and Correspondence      (D)  
  Board members and staff have the opportunity to report on education and community-related events and activities in which they have recently participated in and will share correspondence and special announcements.
2. Future Agenda Items      (D)  
  This item is reserved for Board members and staff to discuss potential future Board Agenda items for consideration by the Board President and Superintendent.

3. Board Calendar of Upcoming Events      (D)  
  The calendar attached to this item is updated weekly and reflects school site, district-wide, statewide and community events and activities.
4. PUHSD Governance Leadership Calendar      (D)  
  The Governance Leadership Calendar highlights the timing of certain tasks and scheduling of special events based on the priorities of the PUHSD. The governance team members and staff are fulfilling these responsibilities in a logical sequence.
1. Opportunity for Public Comment on Closed Session Items      Time Certain: 07:30 PM      (D)  
  This opportunity is provided per Government Code Section 54954.3 to allow public comments prior to the Board's consideration of any Closed Session agenda items.
Unfold 10.  CLOSED SESSION   
1. Recess to Closed Session      Time Certain: 07:30 PM         
  Notice is hereby given that a Closed Session of the Board will be held under the general provisions of Government Code Section 54957.
2. Waivers of CAHSEE Requirement for Special Education Students, Case #18:14-15      (V)  
  Special accommodations for student with special needs during the CAHSEE.
3. Matters of Student Discipline: Stipulated Expulsions, Case Numbers 19-20:14-15      (V)  
  Stipulated Expulsions pursuant to Education Code Section 48918 (c).
4. Conference With Legal Counsel-Anticipated Litigation      (D)  
  Anticipated Litigation pursuant to subdivision (a) of Government Code Section 54956.9.  
5. Public Employee Discipline/Dismissal/Release     
  Personnel matters pursuant to Government Code Section 54957.
6. Conference With Labor Negotiator Pursuant to Government Code Section 54947.6     
  Conference with PUHSD Labor Negotiator, Eric Vereyken, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources concerning the Associated Teachers of Placer (ATP) and the California School Employees Association (CSEA)Chapter 449 pursuant to Government Code Section 54957.6.
1. Items to be Approved in Open Session Which Were Reviewed in Closed Session      Time Certain: 06:02 AM         (V)  
  The Board will vote in Open Session on items reviewed in Closed Session requiring action.
Unfold 12.  ADJOURNMENT   
1. Meeting Adjournment     
  The meeting will be adjourned at the close of all regular business.

Accommodating those individuals with special needs: In compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act, the Placer Union High School District Board of Trustees encourages those with disabilities to participate fully in the public meeting process. If you have a special need and wish to attend or participate in our public meetings, please contact our office at 530-886-4405, well in advance of the regular meeting you wish to attend so that we may make every reasonable effort to accommodate you. Documents or writings distributed for public session items, less than 72 hours prior to the meeting, are available for public inspection at the Placer Union High School District Office, at 13000 New Airport Road, Auburn CA.

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